Artwork Specifications

Artwork Specifications

Because there are numerous different software packages available nowadays artwork supplied to VeeSigns is not always usable or sufficient. A lot depends on which package the original artwork was created and the size and quality of that artwork. Generally speaking artwork created in packages like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw etc., or other similar packages are sufficient but sometimes these can also have problems with links to (missing) placed pictures, or (stroked) outlines, or fonts used in artwork not converted to curves or outlines, before being exported or saved.

Veesigns is currently using (illustrator CS4 ver. 14) also (Flexisign) on PC’s   Below is a sample of the main formats we can use:

ILLUSTRATIONS (line drawings)                                                              

Adobe Illustrator – (AI)                      
Adobe acrobat – (PDF)                     
Design-it  / Flexisign – (DI), (FS)                                         
Windows Metafile – (WMF) 
CorelDraw – (CDR)                                              

BITMAPS (Photo Image):  

Adobe Photoshop – (PSD)       
Encapsulated PostScrip – (EPS)   
Adobe Illustrator – (EPS) 
JPEG Bitmap – (JPG)
Tiff Bitmap – (TIF)
Corel Photopaint – (CPT)
Windows Bitmap – (BMP)


Illustrator files / vector files etc… it’s better if artwork elements are OUTLINED  i.e. (Converted to /Paths / Curves / Outlines) Including FONTS & TEXT or if possible supply true type font to be used.

Also convert any (STROKES) to outlines, and if artwork has embedded images ensure to supply them additionally,

For photo images etc…
a (rough guide) for size of Image would be… Artwork for an (8’x 20’) truck body Image would roughly be (8” x 20”) 300dpi   or   (16” x 40”) 150dpi And scale proportionately for other size trucks. Usually the saved file size is between 100mb and 450mb approx at 300dpi ,  although it depends on the size of image to be output, smaller sized images are sometimes usable,  ie. 10mb upwards.
If artwork is designed in Adobe InDesign please export as PDF’s while following the above general rules.

Any Enquiries Please Contact us at Veesigns Tel: 01 451 5611   email: or